Unique and Easily Accessible Ideas and Tips For Bathroom Renovations at Low Budget

Striving to get some unique and cool ideas to give a new face to your bathroom while being on a tight budget? Well, don’t worry at all! There are numerous inexpensive yet extremely creative and beneficial ways to renovate your bathroom.

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The bathroom may seem like the smallest room of the house that can be redone like really easily, But this certainly is not the case, as redoing the bathroom of any house is nothing less than a small project. Still, you don’t need so much expensive things and high budget for the transformation of your bathroom into a comfortable, cool, and luxurious looking place. There are ample ways for the renovation and redesigning of the bathroom while being on the low budget.

Have a Fresh Paint

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Well, the easiest, quickest and of course the cheapest way to give a new look to your bathroom is just painting it with the new and fresh colours. New paint is surely the most effective idea for any bathroom to look perfectly fine after spending the very little amount of money.
But here is a catch! Paint may seem the easiest option, but it is surely going to cost you a lot of time. As this place may seem small in size, but with such small nooks and corner and with a lot of differentiating boundaries around, you have to be gentle and proceed slowly to get a fine finish look in the end.
Keep an extremely important point in mind before getting started with the paint that bathroom catches mould and fungus very easily due to its humid atmosphere and effective temperature most of the time. So, it’s better to use a high-quality paint that gives a satin finish. Investing in a good quality paint will definitely render you from prospective expenses of low-quality paint.

Wise Use of the Expensive Tiles

Buying new tiles can cost you much as these are really expensive. And if you have hired a contractor to redo your bathroom, he’ll definitely lay the out the expensive plan for you. But there must be something you can do on your account. This tip is extremely simple. If you want to save money on the designer tiles, focus on the major area of the bathroom like the floor and leave the walls. Else, put a long horizontal strip of tiles on the wall, and paint the remaining wall will some cool and fresh paint.
If you have chosen a really intricately and artistically designed, expensive tiles for the bathroom, and determinedly want to have these, then design these tiles around the cheaper tiles. This way your favourite tiles will be more focused, plus you’ll save loads of dollars.

Don’t Relocate the Major Bathroom Items

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If you are low on budget, then this tip will hugely help you out in the renovation process of your bathroom. Relocation of the bathroom utilities, which include the bathtub, the toilet, and the sink is not an easy task, and require major contribution both in the sense of expenditure of money and also manual hard work. Avoiding the reinvention of the actual layout of the bathroom, and keeping the plumbing fixtures as is, on the same location, will surely save hundreds of dollars. While renovating the second-floor bathroom, if you place each fixture in the same place as it was placed before, you will save at least $200 to $500 as you won’t have to purchase new drain pipes and other drainage supplies. In case of bathroom situated on the first floor, not much of the budget is required, as long as you don’t have a basement underneath. So, the tip is to keep your bathroom plumbing where it is right now. It will save you no less than at least $5,000. As it is advised by major designers that each time you move the plumbing fixtures, it will cost you thousands of dollars.

Go Green While Upgrading the Bathroom Essentials

Sure, comfortable designing and aesthetically beautiful tiles enhance the main features of the bathroom extremely high and give your home a new chic look and luxurious appearance. But while doing all this renovation and going up as per your desires and requirements, don’t forget to keep the environmental conservation in mind. It will not only look beautiful but also give you inner peace. For that what can be done in the bathroom? If you’re wondering about this question than the answer is really simple. Use of low-flow toilets, showerheads, and sinks will be extremely beneficial to conserve water. Not only that, but these items will also help you save money. The water-saving shower heads cost same as the others, so this expenditure of money will actually save your money in the long run.
In addition to that, if you buy used material, it will also be really good for the environment. As you won’t be the one piling up the garbage, rather you’ll be using it for good.

Touch up Grout and Chalk

These materials may seem negligible but hold immense importance to safeguard your bathroom’s structural maintenance. While renovating your bathroom, simply clean up the group from every nook and corner and add clean, smooth lines of caulk all around the sink, bathtub, and flush. By doing this, you’ll have a cleaner and fresh looking bathroom at the expense of few dollars. This top may seem small, but you’ll definitely be surprised with the results and what cool and clean appearance your bathroom will give after doing this. Both of these materials, grout, and caulk are cheaply available from the market. So, indeed an inexpensive way to clean up your dirty looking bathroom.

Buy Used Material

Nothing saves more money while renovation than buying second-hand used material. If you really have to buy bathroom fixtures, then it’s better to buy used toilets and showers.